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Stump grinding services at a home in Cary, NC.

Stump Grinding Service Chatham, Orange, and Wake County

Get rid of that unsightly stump on your property with our stump grinding service.

We provide stump grinding services for properties in and around Cary, Apex, & Morrisville, NC.

Our crew uses a Ventrac tractor for our stump grinding service.

Have you recently removed a tree or inherited a property with a tree stump? Not only are tree stumps unsightly, but it's also possible for them to invite diseases or insect infestations to your lawn. Grinding them down will help make your landscape look larger and help prevent any accidents such as tripping over the stump or its roots.

At Wake Landscapes, we grind tree stumps down rather than remove them. We do this for many reasons, including the fact that the process is quicker and won't leave our clients with a gaping hole in their yard. Our Ventrac tractor will leave your landscape free of tree stumps and with extra wood chips for mulching. If your property is located in the Cary or Apex, NC area, schedule today!

Our Stump Grinding Service Process

After almost a decade, our company has mastered our stump grinding service to be a perfect blend of efficiency, accuracy, and safety. Nothing is more important to us than getting our clients the results they want in the safest way possible for our crew. Below is what you can expect from our stump grinding process:

  • Preparation - First, we run through a checklist of safety measures, making sure every crew member has the correct eye protection and gear to be around the heavy machinery and sharp attachments. Then, we clear the area of anything that will get in the way such as rocks. This not only protects our machines but is also crucial for protecting our crew members from flying debris during the process.
  • Grinding the stump - Finally, it's time to get that unsightly stump off of your lawn! We use our Ventrac tractor to grind down your stump, little by little. We will grind down a couple of inches into your ground as well as focus on any exposed roots.
  • Cleanup - After your stump has been fully ground down, there will be a lot of woodchips leftover. We usually let our clients keep these woodchips if they want, otherwise, we can dispose of them.

We recommend filling the area with topsoil and grass seed to grow new grass and make your lawn look as good as new!

Why do we grind your stump rather than remove it?

It is common to think that stump grinding and removal refer to the same service. However, this is far from the truth! It is important to know the difference between the two before hiring a professional company. Stump removal is the process of pulling the entire stump out of your ground, roots and all. Stump grinding is a much less invasive process, as it entails grinding down your stump and roots with sharp blades, little by little.

Stump grinding is the better option because:

  • The process takes less time
  • It is better for the environment
  • It won't leave you with a large gaping hole in your yard
  • The leftover wood chips can be used for mulching

Schedule our stump grinding service today!

Are you sick of staring at that ugly tree stump in your yard? We're your team. Our stump grinding service focuses on safety, efficiency, and accuracy. Before you know it, you'll be left with a wide-open landscape with no more tripping safety hazards. Trust the team that has been grinding down stumps in the Cary community for almost a decade! We also service the surrounding areas in North Carolina, including Apex, Morrisville, and Durham. If your property is located nearby, give us a call today at (919) 518-5513 to receive a quote.

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