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This homeowner is having sod installed to revitalize a large dead patch in their front yard.

Sod & Plant Installation Services

If you have a lawn that is dying, or you are looking to have a new landscaping design executed for your property, our sod laying and plant installation services are a perfect fit.

Expert sod and plant installation for your Cary, Apex, or Morrisville, NC property.

Positively influence the curb appeal and value of your property with the professional installation of landscape plants and sod.

Before and after photo depicting a sod installation project for a property in Cary.

Homeowners all obviously have one major thing in common when it comes to caring for their property: they want it to look great! Expert caliber sod and plant installation can help turn dull properties in the Cary, Apex, Morrisville, and surrounding communities in NC, into the envy of the neighbors.

At Wake Landscapes, we know great curb appeal begins with the basics. Proper and professionally installed sod and landscape plants are an important part of ensuring you have a beautiful, well-maintained lawn and landscaping that provides pleasing aesthetics and positively influences your property value.

Reasons for Having Sod Installed & the Process of Laying It

There are many reasons homeowners choose to install sod on their property. For some, much of their lawn has died off and over 50% of it has no chance of returning. For others, sod is installed during the reconstruction of landscaping beds or as an entirely new lawn for a newly built home.

Whichever is your reason for installing sod, the ground needs to be properly leveled and old grass needs to be removed. Using a sod-cutter, we shave the grass down evenly where the new sod is to be laid. Occasionally, rakes and shovels are needed to assist in preparing your property. Once the ground is level, we are able to lay the sod in strips along your property.

Proper Watering of Sod After Installation

You have to water your turfgrass for the next 7-21 days to maintain hydration and help the new grass take root. If the sod were to dry out, you could lose your new lawn. Over the first few weeks, it is critical to retain approximately 1.5 inches of water on the lawn at all times.

Once the grass has taken root, watering can be scaled back to only once or twice per week, which would be consistent with a regular lawn mowing and maintenance schedule.

Details on Plant Installation

New small tree being installed in the landscape bed of a Apex property.

Hire us for plant installation as part of your landscaping design project or for freshening up your existing beds. During this time, we use your custom design plan to help set up and lay out your new landscaping beds. Plants that are popular to the regions of Cary, Apex, and Morrisville, NC are used to create an eye-catching design throughout your property.

Plant installation can include a variety of trees, shrubs, hedges, bushes, and ornamental grasses and perennials. Your 3D design rendering will include all of your plant selections and provide specific direction on installing them in your beds. The following is our installation process:

  1. Prepare the property for landscaping beds. We remove old beds, create new beds, or reshape existing ones.
  2. We set up the plants in their spots throughout the landscaping beds and adjust accordingly to make sure everything looks right and complements one another.
  3. We dig and drop each plant individually into their designated areas.
  4. The Landscaping installation is completed by laying the ground covering of your choice, which would have been discussed during the design phase.

Ground coverings help protect your soil and plants, while creating a completed design for your landscaping beds.

Call for a consultation on sod and plant installation services for your property.

Whether you are contemplating replacing a dead lawn with new sod or are ready to have your landscaping design fully installed, you can count on our professionals to do it! At Wake Landscapes, our experts are skilled veterans in designing and installing beautiful lawns and landscaping in the Cary, Apex, and Morrisville, NC communities that last for years. Contact us now at (919) 518-5513 for service estimates or a consultation for your property!

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