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Workers clearing leaves from a yard in Cary, NC.

Leaf Removal Service Chatham, Orange, and Wake County

Take back your free time with our leaf removal service.

Our company offers leaf removal for properties in and around Cary, Apex, and Morrisville, NC.

Leaf removal will give your lawn better access to essential resources.

Removing leaves from a Apex, NC lawn with a leaf blower.

Every year, many property owners fight the internal battle of deciding whether or not they should rake their leaves this year or just let them be. As lawn experts, you can trust us when we tell you that raking them up is a must! Thick piles of leaves will smother your grass and block essential resources from finding their way to the roots. And, as we're sure you already know, this leads to extremely poor grass health.

At Wake Landscapes, we provide leaf removal services to make life easy for our clients. You can either have our team rake and dispose of your leaves or you can schedule our curbside collection option where our crew will show up to dispose of the leaves that you raked to your curbside. To give your lawn extra protection, we always encourage signing up for a full fall cleanup package which includes leaf removal as well as mowing, trimming, weeding, and more. If your property is located in or around the Cary and Apex, NC areas, today!

We use blowers and leaf vacuums to dispose of your leaves.

After your trees dump their leaves all over your yard, the first thing you should do is create large piles and jump in them! Then, after you're done playing, it's time to call our team. Our crew will show up to do the hard work while you relax and enjoy your free time.

We will use a blower to move all of your leaves from your yard to your curbside, leaving no more large piles to hinder the health of your grass. After that, we go the extra mile by removing the leaves from your curbside, too. There's no need to stare at bags of leaves after our crew packs up and heads out - we take all of your leaves with us using our leaf vacuum!

Have you already raked your leaves? Good news! We offer curbside collection as an individual service.

Why is it important to remove your leaves each year?

We get it - the temptation to ignore your leaves is at an all-time high! But, what if we told you that doing so could invite insects, disease, and mold to your lawn? Leaf piles smother your grass, especially when rainwater weighs them down.

Here are potential problems that might arise if you ignore the leaves on your lawn:

  • Pests - Leaf piles provide a dark, cool place for various pests to call home. This could include spiders, mosquitoes, snakes, and more.
  • Mold and fungus - A moist, cool environment is the perfect place for mold and fungus to form. Come springtime, you might be unpleasantly surprised by a fungal issue on your lawn.
  • Limited essential nutrients - With thick piles of leaves covering your grass, water, sunlight, and essential nutrients have a hard time reaching the roots of your grass. This leads to all sorts of lawn health issues including dead grass.
  • A weak lawn - With all of these problems combined, you'll be left with an extremely weak lawn to have to nurse back to health. It's worth scheduling a leaf removal service to save yourself the headache down the road!

Ready to protect your lawn this fall? Schedule our leaf removal service.

Take back your free time this year by hiring our professionals to remove your leaves for you. We not only blow them off your grass but we vacuum them up and dispose of them as well. If your property is located in the Cary, NC area, including Apex and Morrisville, give our office a call today at (919) 518-5513 to schedule.

Want to go the extra mile? We offer a fall cleanup service that includes leaf removal as well as other necessary lawn maintenance services like mowing, edging, and trimming.

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