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Professional brush cutting equipment used by Wake Landscapes in Cary, NC.

Bush Hogging Service

We provide bush hogg, or brush cutting service in Chatham, Orange, and Wake County, NC

Our Bush Hogging and Brush Clearing Services are offered for residential and commercial customers in Chatham, Orange, and Wake County, NC.


*this property above was power raked after being bush hogged.  We also offer power raking!

Our bush hog, or brush clearing equipment can handle dense vegetation including briars, saplings, tall grasses and weeds. At Wake Landscapes, we are experts in maintaining and cultivating a beautifully landscaped property.

Bush hog, or brush clearing, is ideal for an overgrown or neglected property. We offer quotes to both commercial and residential customers in Chatham, Orange, and Wake County, NC for jobs that include:

  • Overgrown yards
  • Acreage
  • Fields
  • Vacant Lots
  • Hiking and Riding Trails
  • Hunting and ATV Trails
  • Shooting Lanes
  • Fence Lines
  • Right-of-Ways
  • Property or Privacy Lines
  • Tree Farms 
  • Slopes and Hillsides


We use our bush hogg equipment to eliminate very thick or dense vegetation, brush, weeds, and saplings from your space to help reclaim your terrain and create a more usable, eye-pleasing environment. 

We eliminate dense vegetation for residential and commercial customers!

Benefits of Bush Hogging, or Brush Clearing Service:

Ventrac bush hog machine cutting tall grass near Apex, NC.

Bush hogging, or brush clearing is not for every property, but if brush and overgrown plants are making your land an eyesore, it can be time for a change.  Bush hogging takes proper time and resources.  Brush mowing offers multiple benefits for those considering property revival, including:

  • Clearing of unwanted growth and the elimination of dead vegetation on your property
  • Establishing a starting point for future landscaping and yard projects
  • Clearing of your entire property and defining your outdoor living space
  • Removes unmaintained plants that can grow and block or cover small streams, hills, and pathways
  • Removes brush that can make it difficult to navigate your property by foot or vehicle
  • Eliminates breeding grounds for rodents and other pests

What is a bush hog, or brush mower?

*accessible through gates > 72"

Overgrown properties can lead to a lot of tall grass, weeds, and vegetation that your mower cannot handle. For these situations, brush mowing, or bush hogging is necessary. A bush hog can be found in both small and large forms, but is intended to be powerful enough to clear any overgrown areas on your property. The three main types of bush hogs include: handheld, walk behind and stand or ride-on brush cutters.

What makes a bush hogg unique is the additional power and hardened steel blades that comes on the equipment. This allows the tool to handle situations where regular mowers and string trimmers would fail.

We also utilize smaller machines which have great capability, accessibily through gates < 30"

Areas inaccesable to machinary can be serviced by hand-held trimmers.


If you own land in Chatham, Orange, Wake County, NC or any of the surrounding regions, chances are you could use our bush hogging, or brush clearing services. We can eliminate unwanted and overgrown vegetation, to make your land more accessible, establish curb appeal, and promote the unique aesthetics of your property.  Our professional equipment works great on slopes, uneven, or soft terrain.


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