How can you tell your lawn was not treated with pre-emergent weed killer in the fall? You will notice weeds covering your lawn in the springtime. When there is evidence of weeds in the spring, it is because they were already present and waiting under the surface throughout the winter.

Treating your lawn during the fall will ensure your grass is weed-free for an extended period into the spring before you need to re-treat with pre-emergent herbicides. Because of this, it is easy to say that the most critical weed control treatment of the year is your fall pre-emergent.

How pre-emergent herbicides kill weeds.

Perennial weeds are easily eradicated if you know when and how to treat them. During the fall, your late summer/early fall perennial weeds are the biggest threat to your spring lawn. During this time of the year, perennial weeds start transferring their stored energy from their leaves to their roots.

Pre-emergent herbicides attack the roots, which effectively kills the weeds as their stored energy is depleted. This highly effective weed control method helps keep pervasive fall weeds off of your property. It also discourages the growth of spring weeds.

When is the best time to attack weeds?

Another important reason pre-emergent weed control is crucial during the fall is that it attacks the weeds during germination, before they can seed and spread over your lawn in the spring. To treat your lawn effectively, you need to treat it with pre-emergent herbicides at the right time for your region.

In Cary and surrounding areas in North Carolina, this can depend on your weather. Typically, cooler areas can begin treatments anytime around Labor Day and go into late November. Warmer regions have to wait until October or later to treat the lawn.

The air temperature must be over 50° for the pre-emergent herbicides to treat the grass. Proper lawn care such as routine fertilization, mowing, aerating, irrigation, and pest control also affect the results of your weed control treatment.

Get a consultation for fall pre-emergent herbicide treatments.

Using both a pre and post emergent on your lawn in the fall can get you a 2-for-1 deal on killing current and pending weeds.

Consider having your lawn treated with both pre and post emergents this season, and see what a difference it makes on your spring turf. Post-emergent herbicides attack established weeds, while pre-emergent herbicides deal with newly germinated weeds before they have a chance to take root and spread.

Consult with us by calling (919) 518-5513, to get your grass on the right track for a healthy, weed-free spring lawn! Invest in fall pre-emergent herbicide treatments and see an improvement in your turf for the rest of the year.