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Get the latest tips and information for lawn care and landscape maintenance in North Carolina.

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6 Fall Lawn Care Must-Do's to Prepare for Winter

6 Fall Lawn Care Must-Do's to Prepare for Winter

The reason fall lawn care is so important is that it sets the stage for the type of yard and landscaping you will have in the spring. Fall is the time to prepare your grass and landscaping beds for dormancy.

Properly caring for your grass during this time will result in a greener, healthier property come spring. Here are six must-do items to prepare your grass for winter!

#1 Remove leaves and debris.

Leaves and debris left on your grass can create dead patches in the spring. The leaves and debris work as a layer that blocks your lawn from proper sunlight. They are also a breeding ground for various pests, mold, and fungus. Proper leaf and debris removal allow your turf to receive sunlight and hydrate appropriately.

#2 Weeding, landscape bed reshaping, and landscape trimming and pruning.

Now is the time to get your landscaping manicured. Pull all the weeds from your landscaping beds and reshape your beds to make spring preparations easier. Additionally, landscape...

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Failing to Cleanup Fall Leaves in Your Yard Can Be a Slow Death Sentence for Your Lawn

Failing to Cleanup Fall Leaves in Your Yard Can Be a Slow Death Sentence for Your Lawn

It's autumn and the leaves are falling hard and fast, creating a layer of beautiful reds, yellows, and oranges. You have the perfect setting for fall family pictures and creating piles of leaves for jumping into. You also have the perfect recipe for a lawn disaster if you do not remove those leaves via raking or blowing them from your grass.

3 Reasons Why Leaf Removal is Important in Cary, NC & Surrounding Areas

The collection of leaves can be the quickest death sentence for your yard. Failing to perform leaf removal allows a thick layer of leaves to build up on your turf, that will kill it in one to two years. More specifically, there are three distinct reasons that your leaves need to be removed, whether it is by raking or blowing.

  1. The layer can attract a number of pests and lawn diseases that can cause serious problems for your turf. The two most common lawn diseases that are harmful to your lawn are snow mold and brown patch.
  2. The layer of...
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How to Care for a Newly Seeded and Aerated Lawn in North Carolina

How to Care for a Newly Seeded and Aerated Lawn in North Carolina

Aerating and overseeding your yard annually will do wonders for its health and fullness. However, if you do not properly care for your lawn after treating it, all the hard work and time spent on seeding and aerating will have been a waste and your lawn will not reach its full potential.

Watering Schedule After Aeration & Seeding

Caring for your new grass seeds means keeping them 100% hydrated, 100% of the time! If the soil dries out, the seeds can then dry out and cause them to die. Keeping the seeds damp with a consistent water schedule is important for germination and healthy growth.

Your lawn needs to reach a height of at least 2" before you can slow down on watering. This means watering your newly seeded areas for a minimum of 15-20 minutes per spot about 2-3 times per day. Most seed will germinate within one to three weeks.

Dampness creates the perfect atmosphere for grass seed germination. However, the temperature of the soil and air are a major...

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16 Reasons That Show You've Hired A Great Lawn/Landscape Company

16 Reasons That Show You've Hired A Great Lawn/Landscape Company

Finding a great, local lawn/landscaping company can be a challenge for homeowners. The competition is tough in the Cary, Apex, and Morrisville, NC region, and most of the companies offer similar basic services. Be on the lookout for the small, but distinct, differences that may make a company like Wake Landscapes, stick out to you.

Compiled below are sixteen surefire ways to know you have hired a great lawn/landscape company!

#1. Phone Calls Are Answered

Your lawn and landscaping company should answer all phone calls that come through during normal business hours. Whether you have a question about your current plan, need to reschedule a service, or something else, it should be able to be handled over a simple phone call.

#2. You Are Given Service Reminders

Is it time for your fall or spring cleanup service? You do not have to worry about remembering... your service provider should give you service reminders. Choose a company that helps...

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Aeration: A Lesser Known Way to Grow a Thicker, Healthier Lawn

Aeration: A Lesser Known Way to Grow a Thicker, Healthier Lawn

While mowing your lawn weekly and fertilizing at the right time of year seems as though it will be the best for your lawn, you may be missing one crucial annual task. Aerating your lawn is a key to growing a thicker and healthier property in the Cary, Apex, Morrisville, and neighboring communities.

What is aerating? Aerating uses specialized machinery to create holes, or cores, in your lawn to allow nutrients, water, and oxygen to reach into your grass' root system. By pushing these vital elements to the roots of your grass, it encourages the grass to grow deeper roots, which in turn leads to thicker, greener, and healthier grass.

Some benefits of aerating your lawn include:

  • Oxygen, fertilizer, and nutrients are able to more easily reach the roots of the turf and create a deeper root system.
  • Thatch is disrupted and compacted soil is loosened.
  • Thick turf is able to withstand pest attacks and also crowd out weeds.
  • Gaining a thicker lawn.
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