3 Ways to Enhance Your Landscape: Pruning, Edging and Mulch

A well landscaped yard goes beyond just healthy grass.  There are 3 steps we take to make a yard stand out: pruning, edging and mulch:

Pruning: To start, we would recommend pruning and trimming any shrubs, to a desired shape and size.  Winter is the best time to do any rejuvenation pruning if you would like to reduce the overall size of the shrubs including roses, boxwoods, holly’s and many others.  Trees, such as crepe myrtles can be trimmed with corrective pruning, by removing any dead, hanging or crossing branches.  Ornamental grasses, including liriope can also be cut back late winter.  By trimming your trees and shrubs during the winter, it will ensure they grow and fill in correctly during the springtime.

Edging: Once all the shrubs have been trimmed and debris has been cleaned up, it is a great time to edge and redefine any landscape beds.  You may also create or extend new landscape beds to change the look of your lawn if there are certain areas where the grass does not grow well.  The best way to redefine landscape beds is to use a shovel, or mechanical tool such as a bed edger or redefiner to dig out a groove in the turf to create a border which would help hold the mulch in place, and define the landscape.

Mulch: The final step is the best part.  Now that all the hard work has been completed, it is time to replenish the landscape beds with a fresh layer of mulch.  There are different types of mulch, including triple shredded hardwood and dyed varieties which will not only enhance the look of the lawn, but will also help your plants by insulating the soil.  This helps with reduced plant watering and weed suppression as well.  Pine straw is a great option for some areas, including larger sections, and areas with pine trees.  It is less expensive than other mulches, but still provides an excellent look.



If your landscape is in need of pruning, edging and mulch, contact us today for an appointment!