Finding a great, local lawn/landscaping company can be a challenge for homeowners. The competition is tough in the Cary, Apex, and Morrisville, NC region, and most of the companies offer similar basic services. Be on the lookout for the small, but distinct, differences that may make a company like Wake Landscapes, stick out to you.

Compiled below are sixteen surefire ways to know you have hired a great lawn/landscape company!

#1. Phone Calls Are Answered

Your lawn and landscaping company should answer all phone calls that come through during normal business hours. Whether you have a question about your current plan, need to reschedule a service, or something else, it should be able to be handled over a simple phone call.

#2. You Are Given Service Reminders

Is it time for your fall or spring cleanup service? You do not have to worry about remembering... your service provider should give you service reminders. Choose a company that helps homeowners know when it is time for certain services to occur, as well as when they should be investing in additional services for their property.

#3. Notifications for Changes in Service Due to Weather

You should be receiving notifications from your lawn care provider regarding when a service must be changed or moved to a different day because of weather. Additionally, a new day and/or time should be offered to reschedule the missed service.

#4. Schedule Consistency

Your lawn service crew shows up on time and on the same day every week. Put your trust in a company that takes pride in maintaining consistency with their schedule and punctuality with all of their services.

A company with a consistant schedule demonstrates organization within their own company.

#5. Convenient Payment Options

Save yourself a stamp, phone call, or a trip to your lawn care provider's office by paying your monthly bill online. Convenient payment options make it easy on customers and allow them to pay on time. Work with a reputable company that offers this flexible payment option.

#6. Professional Grade Equipment

Your lawn service provider should use the highest quality, professional grade equipment available. At Wake Landscapes, you can count on state-of-the-art and well-maintained lawn equipment, with the sharpest blades for the cleanest, healthiest cut!

#7. The Proper Equipment Is Used for the Job

Professional lawn care companies should take into account factors like the size of your property when selecting the proper equipment to use for your services. Larger properties naturally require larger mowers and fertilizer applicators, while standard size tools are best for small to medium sized properties. The company should make sure that they are using the proper equipment for the job at hand.

#8. Professional Appearance

Put your trust in a lawn/landscaping company that puts in the time and money to invest in their own company. Expert service providers with a reputation to uphold will show up in marked vehicles and with uniformed crew members.

A professional appearance not only reflects their business ethics, but also means they care about your property's services.

#9. Invested in a Quality Website, Rather Than DIY

Companies that can be found online with professionally designed websites, that highlight their services, take consumer convenience seriously. These companies are easy to look into, which make the decision to hire them much easier. As with Wake Landscapes' website, you should be able to find a breakdown of services, contact information, and more with ease.

A company that cuts corners on their website and doesn't invest in their own appearance, is the same kind of company that will likely cut corners while delivering on your services.

#10. Your Property Is Left Safe & Secure

If you are not home during your scheduled service, there is no need to panic. Your lawn care provider should be trustworthy. When your services are completed, they should be willing to lock up all the gates to keep your property safe and secure.

#11. Lawn Obstacles Are Moved

True professionals move hoses, furniture, and more from your lawn prior to mowing. A great lawn service company will not cut corners or time to avoid moving items off your lawn. A committed company will provide complete mowing at every session, remove lawn obstacles, and not just simply mow around objects in the lawn.

#12. Your Property Is Not Damaged

Your lawn care team should be cautious with your property. Professionals take extra care to ensure no damage occurs during your services. However, accidents happen occasionally, so make sure your service provider carries general liability insurance and is willing to pay for any damage they caused on your property.

#13. Service Suggestions Are Offered

Expert lawn care providers/landscapers are here to keep your lawn, plants, and other landscaping healthy. Make sure they are willing to offer service suggestions and a complimentary quote.

You want to choose a company that notices if a service could benefit your property.

#14. Outstanding Reputation

You landscaping company should come with a reputation that is outstanding and speaks for itself. Prior to hiring them, check out their BBB rating and customer reviews. Find out what previous clients are saying about their lawn care services, customer service, and overall management before you sign a contract. If the company has anything less than a stellar reputation, look somewhere else.

#15. The Company Is Properly Licensed

It is important to use a lawn company with the proper licenses to perform your lawn care maintenance services. Make sure they carry such licenses as a general business license and an applicator's license for spreading fertilizer and herbicide treatments.

#16. The Company Is Fully Insured

Your landscaping company should always be prepared to cover damages or incidents that occur on your property. Ask if they have an insurance policy to protect both your home and their staff. Look elsewhere if you find out they are not fully insured. Wake Landscapes is a company that can offer fully insured lawn care services.

Take your time to make the right decision.

Taking time to make the right decision to find a landscaping company that works for your home or business in the Cary, Apex, and Morrisville area can be stressful and exhausting. You need to find a company that can meet all of the basic criteria listed here. At Wake Landscapes, you can have it all. Homeowners will benefit from strong customer care and knowledgeable field experience.

Get to know more about your landscaping company! Make a checklist from this list and see how your company matches up to the criteria. If they pass, you have hired a great landscaping company to care for your lawn. If not, it may be time to give us a call at (919) 518-5513!

Apex home with Wake Landscapes sign in their front yard.