Here are 10 landscaping services we recommend for the fall and winter months:

1. Leaf removal

We recommend keeping the lawn free of leaves, sticks and other debris which may accumulate during the fall and winter months. This will also protect the lawn from insects, pests, and disease. Leaf removal can be provided with routine blowing into wooded areas or the curb for city pickup, mulched with the lawn mowers to recycle organic nutrients, or collected and disposed off-site.

2. Shrub removal

Fall and winter is the perfect time to remove any dead, overgrown or unwanted shrubs, and prepare for replacing with healthy new ones. We are properly equipped to remove and dispose shrubs of various sizes, including the roots.

3. Shrub replacement

Shrubs can be removed and replaced with healthy new ones to enhance your landscape.

4. Gutter cleaning, Blow off roof

We recommend cleaning the gutters and blowing off the roof in the fall and winter to keep the gutters clear of debris and functioning properly. A gutter clogged with leaves, sticks and other debris will not allow the water to drain which could cause damage to the roof, foundation, landscape, or other areas of your home.

5. Hedge trimming

Our shrubs can be regularly trimmed to remove any new growth to retain its desired shape and size.

6. Mulch and Pine Straw

A fresh layer of mulch or pine straw is a great addition to the landscape during the holiday season. We offer many different mulch types which vary in size, texture and color. We also provide NC long needle pine straw which is cleaner and lasts longer than slash.

7. Pruning ornamental grasses, trees and shrubs

We recommend pruning any ornamental grasses, trees or overgrown shrubs. Our ornamental grasses should be cut back to approximately 1/3 of its current size to allow new growth to sprout in the spring. We also elevate our trees by removing any hazardous low hanging branches, dead limbs, or limbs which cross or rub against one another. Late winter is the best time to do any “rejuvenation” pruning, which involves cutting back trees and shrubs more extensively to promote new growth in the spring.

8. Fertilization and weed control

Our Bermuda and Zoysia lawns are treated with pre-emergent in early fall, and are sprayed for weeds and applied with lime December or January. Our fescue lawns are sprayed for weeds and treated with a winterizer fertilizer in November, and sprayed for weeds again and applied with lime in December or January.

9. Brush mowing

Brush mowing is necessary to eliminate dense vegetation including tall grasses and weeds, briars and saplings up to 2” thick.

10. Snow removal, ice melt

In the event of inclement wintry weather, we prep our sidewalks and driveways with ice-melt, which aids in the snow or ice melting faster and making it easier to remove.