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Lawn in Cary, NC that's been aerated and seeded by Wake Landscapes.

Lawn Aeration & Seeding Services

Lawn aeration, combined with seeding, is how you create a thicker lawn. We offer aerating and seeding services in Wake, Durham, Chatham, Orange, Person, Granville, and Nash County, NC and other surrounding areas.


Grow a thicker yard with aeration and seeding services in Wake, Durham, Chatham, Orange, Person, Granville, and Nash County, NC and surrounding areas.


Aerating starts @ $95.00 for lawns less than 5,000 square feet *must have > 48" gate

Grow and maintain a healthier and thicker lawn for years to come when you invest in lawn aeration and seeding services from our team here at Wake Landscapes. Most homeowners never consider aeration or seeding for their lawns because:

  • It’s not a service they’re familiar with.
  • Homeowners aren't aware of the benefits it provides.
  • Equipment can be pricey to rent or purchase.

With our climate here in the southern transition zone of Wake, Durham, Chatham, Orange, Person, Granville, and Nash County, NC and surrounding areas, our lawn aeration and seeding services can really transform your lawn.

Yard after aeration and overseeding by Wake Landscapes in Apex, NC.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is the process of creating small holes in the lawn to help nutrients, water, and oxygen enter the soil. Over time, the soil becomes compacted due to heavy foot traffic and weathering. This process helps to loosen the packed dirt and breathe new life into the roots of the lawn.

Our warm season lawns such as Bermuda, Zoysia, St. Augustine, and Centipede are aerated once a year during the summer, and our cool-season lawns such as Fescue are aerated once a year during the fall.

What if your lawn is left untreated? A layer of thatch (debris, roots, and dead grass) will collect over time between the earth and the blades of the grass, preventing moisture and oxygen from reaching the roots. Thatch also promotes disease and insect infestation. By keeping up with aeration services, thatch shouldn’t be much of an issue!


We use premium seed blends which contain 0.00% weed seed and have high germination rates. Our seed is also selected for disease and drought resistance.

Overseeding is necessary to keep lawns green and healthy! Additionally, overseeding helps repair damaged lawns from the sun that consistently beats down during the hot, summer months. Both seeding and aeration should be performed during the fall before heavy freezes or leaves litter the ground. This is a service we commonly provide during our fall cleanup services.

Overseeding helps keep weeds from growing out of control while adding new blades of grass to the lawn. We highly advise that you have aeration done on cool-season grasses prior to overseeding services.

Overseeding a dead spot in a lawn at a home in Apex, NC.

Schedule aeration and seeding services today.

If you believe your lawn could benefit from an aeration or seeding, then get in touch with us by TEXTING (919) 518-5513. We’ll provide you with a free estimate. These services are available for homeowners in Wake, Durham, Chatham, Orange, Person, Granville, and Nash, County, NC.

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